I woke up at the magic hour of the 25th of December,

There was a subtle beauty in the light and I was the floating amber.

In the golden ceremony I was just a pure vibrating member,

And the calmed seas overflowed my windows with peaceful numbers.

That morning told me a new true about perfection,

And all those magician birds were the chorus creator of that dimension.

And then I felt your body,

And I couldn’t even speak:

I was at the peak, at the very border, at the waterfall of my weakness transition with a video recorder.

And I smiled.

I am a fragile and complex sphere,

With Air, Fire, Earth and Water inside my hemispheres.

I have been waiting for you so long,

Take my fruit and you will become a song.

What an enchanted dawn,

What a balanced morning,

I shoot you with my true hoping not to cease until my Diaspora.

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