Caesar Osiris is a Los Angeles based Entertainer-Imaginator.  Musician, Director and Founder of LAB H Media, a full video and media production company. A player & mover exploring the relations between the human body and spaces, verbal and non-verbal languages, lenses and lights, sound and music,  pixels and the cyberspace's memory. Visual Artist, Director, Video Performance artist, video editor and electronic musician with international presence.

His work have been featured in Buzzfeed, Santa Barbara Museum of art, Telemundo, NBCUniversal and more.  Directing and creating content for brands like Warner Brothers, VivaGlam, Blue Horizon, Sea-Shepherd, Livekindly, Beyond Meats, H&M & more. Directing Short films,  documentaries, online content, commercials, music videos, sketch  comedy, video art among other art forms, genres and industries.  His work in the sustainable industry, vegan industry and entertainment industry have been exposed to more than 135,000,000 million viewers .    Want more? Just ask. 







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