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“MAKARA” is an action-adventure film with dramatic and comedic elements about estranged sisters coming together in the aftermath of hurricane Maria. A film that visualizes a self-sustainable Puerto Rico, while revisiting the history of Pirate Cofresi and the Taino People.


A motion picture that will bring jobs to the Film industry in Puerto Rico and will showcase the island’s self-sustainable technology.


“Looking for her missing mother who has disappeared after the hurricane hits Puerto Rico, Makara learns about her lineage with the legendary Pirate Cofresi, and discovers an ancient Taino portal that reveals her purpose to protect and lead her people towards a new self-sustainable beginning.”

The Caribbean U.S. territory  of Puerto Rico offers producers a 40% tax credit on local expenditures and a 20% tax credit on payments to non-resident talent, including producers, writers, actors and even stunt doubles.

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